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Telephone Banking

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Telephone Banking

To activate your new Telephone Banking service from Farmers State Bank, dial Toll Free 1-877-477-1163.

Choose what type of account to log into:

1.  Checking     2. Savings     3. Loan     4. Certificate     5. IRA

Upon choosing the type of account, you will prompted to enter your account number followed by the primary account holder’s social security and date of birth.  Next, enter a new PIN number, which should be any 6-digit number.

Once you have gone though the enrollment process you will have the following options to choose from:

 1. Checking     2. Savings     3. Loan     4. More Options   0. Representative (Your call will be transferred to the Main Office).

Upon choosing option 4 you will have the following to choose from:

1. Lost or Stolen Card   2. Transfer Funds    3. Order Checks (Your call will be transferred to the Main Office).

4. Change Pin    5. Set Preferences

(337) 684-3301

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